Monday, August 8, 2011

My companion is Visaya, and such a sweet heart. i'm loving the work more than ever, and we're working so hard, and teaching so powerfully together. she is a recent convert, and at first scared to teach doctrine to people, plus in tagalog. but shes a stellar companion. we really enjoy our time together. Her native language is cebuano, and she had a rough time with tagalog when she first got here, but shes getting used to it.
oh yeah...what size of scriptures do all of you guys use? large, med, small?
So, we have a lot of potential baptismal candidates, and work is really picking up. Sister and I have been talking to everyone everywhere, looking for those elect people. We're looking for those who don't just say they believe in Christ, but the ones that will actually follow Christ. There's are big difference there.
So we have this new investigator, although she's actually been a former investigator for 20 years. She married a member and occasionally goes to church with her husband and kids. So we met with her last week to find out what has been holding her back. It seems like her form of investigating has been reading anti-mormon literature. She had a lot of questions that have been unanswered. We warned her on evil men that try to destroy the truth, by taking words and distorting them to portray a different message. We told her that she wont find answers studying the knowledge of men, but she needs to depend on the Lords spirit to help her know what is correct.
We bore testimony to her that there are answers to our questions, if we are humble enough to ask God and study them out. Personally, I think deep inside she knows the church is true, but she is just trying to find every little reason or twisted doctrine to prove the church wrong. Its just hard for her to accept.
She asked me how I would feel if later on in my life I found out that Joseph Smith was a false prophet. I know that would never happen, because I have tasted of the sweet fruits that Joseph Smith restored. Could you imagine life without the Book of Mormon, Temples, Counsel from Living Prophets? NO. sorry but... My life just would not feel complete. That's precisely why I know this church is true, and why I have absolutely no interest in knowing what other churches have to offer, because I know what they CANT offer. They're missing all the blessings the that were restored through one man holding authority.
You know, a couple years back, I thought I had to study philosophy and the bible, to be able to prove the restoration by relating with people from what their coming from. Although I've realized here, we don't need to know others beliefs or tricks of the bible to prove the restored gospel. That's what I thought I needed to focus on, although all we need to do is just give them the fruit and tell them to taste it. Isn't that what Jesus told us to do? Beware of false prophets, fore ye shall know them by their fruit. If your wanting to prove the BOM is true, why would you use the Bible to prove it? Use the fruit that God blessed us with, and the spirit will prove the rest.
Anyway, loving the work, and loving taking the blind fold off my brother and sisters eyes. Its been a privilege to serve them.        

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