Monday, August 22, 2011

Hi Family!
Sorry this may be a short letter, I usually bring my journal, to review and email, although today I didn't bring it. We had a busy morning, cleaning the apartment and hand washing clothes, then we went down to centro to buy some avocados.
You know, Tatay Zamora noted something yesterday that it'd like to share with you all. First off, there are millions of children in the Philippines, always outside running around. Although when ever the missionaries pass, whether elder or sister, American or Pinoy, the children are automatically drawn to them. Kids always yell "Sisters!" run up to you can want to hold onto you. Doesn't matter what area. Even children who have never had missionaries in their home, they will smile and wave, or come up to bless you. (blessing is a cultural thing, where they grab your hand and press it to their forehead to show respect.) Children will often hang around the house we are in, and wait for us to come out. Or if their lucky, they're invited in to listen to out message. Tatay Zamora said, the Children don't give anyone that type of attention, except the missionaries. Similar to the children in Christs time. Although children probably couldn't understand the significance of who HE was, or the depth of the message he carried, the children were always drawn to him. Why is that? Possibly the fact that they are free of sin, meaning more sensitive to the Spirit. Sin has not yet blinded their spiritual eyes. They recognize a feeling that not to long ago they felt, when they were in the presence of our Eternal Father. Its a sweet reminder to me about how we all must become as a little child, free of sin, to enter into the Kingdom of God.
Love you all,
Sister Hancock     

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