Monday, April 19, 2010

Hoy Pamilya! Kumusta po kayo?

Tell everyone hi for me and thank you so much for the packages. My camera works great and I loved kylies drawings. I love the plant too!!!!!! Made me very happy… and what??? Dana is getting married? Like officially? Give me more info. Oh and tell her that My new roommate is Kinzie Lawler. I guess they were friends up at Utah state. Be sure to thank Grandma and Aunt Kim for the letters. I am sorry I don’t have much time to write even you guys, I’m sure I will be able to write more in the field.
Life here is good. Sometimes I have a hard time concentrating but I try to force myself. My schedule usually consists of waking up at 6:30 (not 6 anymore because sleep is more valuable than exercising.) Eat breakfast at 7:00, have class 7:30 until 11:30 then eat lunch then go to gym for an hour and then back to class for 4 hours, then an hour of personal language study, 2 hours of personal study and then an hour of companion study. Firesides on Tuesdays and then large group meetings on Thursdays. 2 days ago we had a 6 hours class shift and everyone was falling asleep. My teacher told us to try and stay awake. We went outside and played memory games for the language
There aren’t very many vegetarian options here. In fact the first night I didn’t even know there were other options and they served me chicken cordon bleu. I had a bite of it because I was starving. I felt like I wanted to die. But soon enough I found out I could make a buffet salad. the main entrĂ©es all have meat in them, so pretty much all I eat ALL the time is processed store bread and iceberg lettuce.
They opened up the field so we can go outside for gym. I like it a lot. There is a bunch of elders that go play softball. Usually I’ve been the only sister there playing with them. I have to say at first I was a little worried because this past winter I had a dream I forgot how to throw. But when I started to play it was all good. I play outfield and its just a riot. I loved it because now all the elders want me on their team because I don’t let anything drop on the ground. I sure miss softball. I’m glad I played when I did.
So today a district in my zone is leaving. Kind of sad because I got to be good friends with all of them. There are 10 of them. 4 are going to Naga to I will see them in about 6 weeks. I will send pictures home so you can see everyone. which reminds me. I could probably write more if I had stamped letters to send home.
Spiritual things happen everything every day here. I wish I had more time to share them all. I’m so glad that I sold alarms and phone sales though. I can tell that its going to help me a lot. I will write a letter about why, I just don’t have time to do it now. I’m sorry.
I have to go now… so sorry!
I will write. I hope!
Sister Hancock

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hello Family!!
Kumusta Kayo? Its Pday again and a great week has past. Everything has calmed down and we have gotten on a regular schedule. I feel much better because now I have time to study and learn more. (Not so many random meetings) How is everyone? Thanks for the package I greatly appreciated my shoes. I cant chew the gum though...but if you have any altoids you want to send my way please feel free too. I have kept myself pretty motivated in just about everything here. There is a missionary gym record wall, and I just took the spot for most situps and passed up the previous sister. The record was 45 and I set it at 73. I plan on getting my name on that board at least 2 more times. I also made an elder in my zone cry during a staring contest. (I won)
SO the language it going alright. I didnt realize how much more complex it is. Like really. There is over 30 ways to conjugate a verb, There is markers and linkers for the words, and you have to memorize which goes with what word. My teachers have a confusing way of teching it as well. There is no organization to their teaching methods. They have had a couple subs, and I tend to learn more from the subs that come in. I had a neat experiance with it though. A couple days ago I was a titch overwhelmed and not understanding one of the conjugations, preposed and postposed. That day we had a zone conference and my zone leader gave a great talk in tagalog. Afterwards I went up to him and asked him for advice or if there is anything he wished he would have done more of. He said a few bits of advice, but the thing that stuck out to me the most was that he said that you have to have the spirit with you all the time. You cannot have a miracle perfomed such as learning a lagnuage if you dont have the spirit. I had been trying real hard to have the spirit, but before class I snuck away into the bathroom and really prayed. within the first 15 minutes of class, all my misunderstanding were cleared. Pretty neat, although God has a good way of keeping me humble by giving me more things I dont understand daily.
Oh I can go ahead and answer all your questions you had for me.
I have no money. haha. all I have is some allowance they give me weekly.
I didnt get any shots because I think I have to pay a lot of money for them, and I didnt get my shot records in time. I dont know what will come out of it. I think they will figure that out when my departure date is more near.
My kasama sister cluff and I are both going to naga. We are the only girls, but there is 4 elders in my zone going there as well.
I share a room with 5 girls including my kasama. They are all sweet and funny. They all are leaving tomorrow though because they are on the 3 week track and leaving for califormia. We will get 3 new roommates. I am sad those girls are leaving, but pretty darn excited because they like to talk and do random things until 1130 so I have had a lack of sleep.I have no time to email. Im sorry. I could go on. perhaps I will send a letter If I have time I only have 30 minutes on monday to do this.
Much love,
Sister Hancock.

Saturday, April 10, 2010