Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Family,
We have been working in a really impoverished place in our area. The lifestyle completely shocks me. You do not know how much the gospel really enlightens life. People living with no core values or standards just breed problems and hardships. I have never seen so many 7 year olds smoking in my life. No morals are taught to these children, and I see these sweet angelic children being lead down the spiraled pathway of chaos. It absolutely breaks my heart. I've realized how much the Lord needs the truth to reach every corner of this earth. To teach things contrary to what the world is teaching.
A man asked my companion and I yesterday, "Why did God make me addicted to cigarettes? Its not like I did anything wrong." There is such a backwards thought process that Satan is spreading, that takes away our agency and accountability for each decision. That same man, living in the slumps selling little 1peso crackers and chocolates, then said "This is the life God gave me, so there's not much more I can do." You'd be super surprised at how many people we meet like this. I think people forget the importance of using agency and reaching our potential. Might I add, following the gospel blesses our lives. I have seen and heard several member convert stories here, that they were absolutely nothing before they joined the church. Some without job, home, money, or just at ground zero. Then while sacrificing to keep the commandments, such as tithing and Sabbath day ect..somehow God lead them to obtain these successful careers, and now look at their life! They are over abundantly blessed. Doesn't that seem to be the theme of the Book of Mormon? Reading about Nations who progress and are blessed when righteous, or living in wickedness and then lead to destruction. You know, commandments really are the solution for every problem in life. People read like Real Living or Martha Stewart Living magazines to get ideas on how to improve their life style, well why not Commandment Living Magazines? Gods got some good advice Martha Stewart can't give. Why don't we just listen to Him?
That's about all I got time for, love you all. The work is going super duper well.
Sister Hancock

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