Monday, August 30, 2010

What an Incredible week. President reopened Daet to now 4 sisters. So not only did I get a new companion, I got 2 new house mates as well. Last transfer, Sister and I combined our areas of Daet, but mainly focused on Investigators in my area. Well this transfer, I am in the other Area, so I am leading both areas. I will be going on splits this week to show the other sisters around that area, and then my companion and I will be doing a lot of Tracting in the other Area. My new companion is Sister Rifareal from Manilla. She's probably the funniest person I've ever met. We have such good chemistry and starting from our first lesson together we've taught with great unity.
Honestly this week has been incredibly spiritual. I only have enough time to share a little. Although i'm realizing the more you depend of God and be obedient, he will bless you incredibly. There are no exact addresses here, usually you just ask around and get tips from other people until you find the right house. Its actually pretty fun, kind of like a treasure hunt. My first night with my new companion, We went to visit 2 investigators, my former companion and I tracted last week. I am pretty fresh in the area and I don't know my way around. We were so blessed, Because trycie driver who picked us up was the same trycie who had given my former companion and I a ride the time before. He dropped us off near the house of our first investigator. That was honestly a miracle considering there are hundreds of trycie drivers in Daet. Next we went to hunt down the 2nd investigator. Dark came quick, and It started pouring rain. I knew the house was about a 20 minute walk away, but I hadn't a clue what direction. I prayed to God in my heart to help guide us to our investigators house. While walking I put all my concentration on the spirits impressions to help lead us. Our investigators house is about a football fields length into the jungle, with an unmarked pathway. We were persistently searching, completely drenched in water, when I suddenly stopped. I thought for a moment, and then took a left into the jungle. While walking miraculously, we saw a house in the distance. I leaped for joy, because I knew alone I could have not found this house, starting from such a far and unmarked area. God truly answered my prayers, and He knew how important it was for us to get to these people. We met our waiting investigators, had an incredible inspired lesson, and now they want to be baptized.
I have witnessed so many undeniable miracles this week. My companion and I are working so hard. I am expecting great works this transfer. My companion and I prayed all week to find golden families while tracting. God yet again answered our prayers and we found several families, all have returned appointments, and seem ready for the gospel in their lives. We found so many new investigators. I am really quite shocked with the amount of new appointments and people. I feel like God is putting His trust in my companion and I. Its really quite inspiring, because I feel like I have to keep living worthy to keep receiving Gods help. Perfect obedience is true Happiness. Thats for sure.

Like my story above, our life's journey is filled with several pathways. We have a final destination, we all want to get to the celestial kingdom. Throughout our journey, we will have opposition, and sometimes our pathway is darkened. Although, if we trust in the Lord he will lead us into Pathways that will bring us closer to obtaining our goal. Just never give up! The pathway if always there even if you stray off. God always goes to find the lost sheep, and rejoices when it returns. We just need to consciously choose to continue holding onto the rod by following Gods commandments. So many blessings are in store if you continue to trust Gods pathway.

Anyway. No time anymore! People are waiting for the gospel, and I gotta go find them.

Much love,
Sister Hancock

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