Monday, August 23, 2010

This week has been great. It was hard to see sister Batacan leave today, crazy how close you can get to one person, in just 6 weeks, being that we're from 2 different countries, having totally different livestyles, and languages. One of the only things we can relate with one another is the Spirit. This past week was such a testimony builder for me. I realized how much God cares for each one of his children on the Earth. One of the things is know is essential for a productive lesson is the spirit.(I don't like calling it a lesson because I like to imagine i'm visiting a friend and helping them, instead of "teaching") Although one thing I know is that the only way to speak about spiritual matters, is through the spirit. We had many lessons this week where I recognized the spirits presence. I will share one experience with you. We were visiting Nanay Pardo, and Nanay Arandea stopped by to visit as well. (Both investigators) Nanay Arandea and Pardo are Born Again Chirstians. This past month, They both have gained a belief in the Book of Mormon, and in Joseph Smith. Nanay Arandea accepted a baptismal date last time we visited her, although she didn't attend church this week. Come to find out that the Born Again Pastor came and picked up the Arandea and Pardo family to go to his church. After hearing this news and speaking with both of them for a bit, we asked Nanay Pardo to give the opening prayer to invite the spirit. I prayed so hard throughout her prayer, that sister and I could be enlightened how to help Nay Pardo and Arandea. I immediately had a scripture come to mind about Faith, and I thought of a good analogy to help them understand how they can build their faith, and act on it. After the prayer ended, Sister Batacan began teaching, and she opened to scriptures to the exact scripture I was thinking about, and gave a very similar analogy. While she was speaking I just had to smile and tears filled my eyes, for my thoughts were her thoughts. Meaning that the Holy Ghost knew exactly what they needed to hear, and He told both Sister and I, so It didn't matter who started talking first, because our message was from God. We are only the vessels carrying it to the receiver. I love being an instrument that God can use to reach His children. It's a good reminder to myself, that I constantly need to be "tuning" myself so I can be worthy enough to perfectly hear the Spirit.

Much love!

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