Monday, September 6, 2010

Has it really been another week? Time goes by too fast here. I'm sorry but I don't think your going to have a daughter in a year. My plans for now are just to do what i'm doing for the rest of my life. Too bad our church doesn't have nuns. I'm living the perfect nun life. Speaking of nuns, I bought the greatest sister missionary dress. Dana, remember that sweet pioneer dress Cade bought me at D.I.? Yeah. I got me one of those. I plan on sharing the laughs in pictures soon. I have become the ultimate sister missionary. Mom, you would burn my outfit the other day. I wont go into detail for my dignities sake, but lets just say it defied every imaginary matching rule ever made. yet, I still got compliments. Man I love the Philippines. I was also in need of a watch, because I gave mine away to my old companion. So I bought me a watch that looks exactly like my green jelly shoes when I was six. I'm beginning to believe my watch is actually my shoes reincarnated. I wouldn't doubt it, considering how resourceful this country is
I really love being a missionary. The book of Mormon is undeniable words of God. One thing that is so special for me to see, is when a deep soul searching question is answered by the Book of Mormon. I feel like a doctor, fixing broken hearts, and giving people solace and peace of mind, about seeing family members again after this life. I'm reading the Book of Mormon right now searching for questions that could be answered. Its pretty entertaining. I kind of feel like i'm playing jeopardy each morning. For example, Q: My husband has past away, where is he now? A: Alma 40:11 or even questions like Q: If God gives the gift of resurrection to all, then why does it matter If we do Good or Bad? A: Mosiah 16:11

Each page in the Book of Mormon is filled with answers that just help make life make sense. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith. I have 100% faith that his humble prayer was answered by our loving Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. Because of him, we have more knowledge about the Plan of Salvation. I often see other missionaries from other denominations. I had the question, what sets me apart from them? Then I thought for a moment about my job and their job. Of coarse everyone wants to share the good news about Christ. He's central to everything we do. Although, I look at the Book I'm carrying with me, and how much the Adversary want to hold me back from sharing what I have. There is more information inside the Book of Mormon about the plan of salvation than any other church on the face of this earth. Being a missionary for Gods true church is difficult. But it needs to be difficult because we are fighting for the souls of men. fighting a spiritual war. At least I have 53,000 other missionaries by my side. Buts heres the good news. We're winning. Thats because we have God on our side. It also helps that the plan of Salvation isn't new to people. We all heard it before this life. All i'm doing is helping my brothers and sisters remember it. Thats why our church has grown to 14 million in a little under 200 years. But those are just statistics. It definitely helps strengthen my testimony, but if you want to gain a testimony, I'm willing to tell anyone Joseph Smiths story. Each time I tell it, I feel the Holy Ghost flood into the room. It never gets old for me. Just like it says in Mathew 7, beware of false prophets, yet we can know if he is a true prophet by their fruits. Well this church is the fruit of a true prophet. Its perfectly designed to help Gods children receive the gospel in its fullness, and endure to the end. This isn't Joseph Smiths church, its Gods church. Joseph Smith was just an instrument for God to restore it. and now I get the privilege to be an instrument in Gods hands to reach out to his Children. I have yet to meet someone who will deny Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon after we share his story. Each time I ask a person if they believe, I have the utmost faith they received a witness of its truth. Sure many reject acting upon that witness, for reasons of a hardened heart. But at least I'm doing my best to help show them the truth, and help them understand how important it is to know the truth. Satans fighting hard to keep people from progression, but he's got a good rival. I'm not willing to give up on these people. I'm counting of seeing miracles this transfer. I see a miracle at least every day. It's all most like God is picking my companion and up and dropping us into certain areas that we need to be in. Heres some brief examples. While in search for an investigators house, I took a pathway that looked incredibly familiar. So familiar I was sure I had traveled that pathway before. Well, that pathway actually lead to a small lone house. We met the people inside, they actually had been former investigators. Nanay was extremely sick, and was bed ridden. We taught about the power of the priesthood, and then the following day we returned with the elders. They blessed her, and within a few days she was up and walking about, healed. Nanay said during the blessing she felt goosebumps and felt good inside. We are helping them now gain a strong testimony about the restoration, and they want to be baptized. Gods hand was almost visible in that one. Another time we were tracting, we met a man named June Belleza. Well come to find out he is brothers with Samuel Belleza, a progressing investigator in my old area, that I tracted before. I was pretty shocked considering the million houses and people and distance of the 2 areas. Coincidence or being lead by the spirit? I'll let you answer that one.

Take care all.

Sister Rachelle Hancock

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