Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey.This past week has beeen....yep you guessed it....totally astig. As usual. Life as a missionary, cant complain. I have seen so many incredible miracles. Its incredible. I only have time to fill ya in on a couple. I'll tell you about last Thursday. Such a neat day. We decided to go to Daculang Bulo, a city on the outskirts of our area. There are many less active people there, so we decided to go looking for them. Well, magically we found more then we expected. After we thought we found all we could (I kinda felt like we were playing hide and go seek) we were waiting for a jeepnee to come pick us up. When suddenly a girl walked passed us and motioned for us to keep walking. She told us we had one more person to visit. We were a bit shocked, but followed the little girl anyway. Turns out the girl had followed and memorized the former missionaries pathway a year ago. She lead us to an inactive family, that we had no record of. Theres miracle number one. Then that lesson was incredible. We talked with them for a bit, and tried to understand how we could help them return to church. Tatay said he wanted to hear from me, and he wanted me to share a scripture with him. Sister opened with a prayer, and I suddenly had the scripture Eph. 4:11-14 pop into my mind. We turned to it, read, and then my mouth was literally filled with words. I said things to them that I had never thought of before, and I even learned from. Completely the Holy Ghost speaking. I talked about the importance of church, And how happy Christ must be for using his church he established. After we left, my companion was taken back. She told me that I had spoken in perfect tagalog, and hadn't made a single grammar error. She said that was a clearest tagalog she had ever heard an American speak before. Chills filled my entire body, and it was just proof to me how much God cares about the message i'm spreading, and how much he's helping me deliver it.

Then after we were walking back from Daculang Bulo, we past a pathway that lead to our investigator Nay Imperial. My companion and I stopped, and we both got the feeling to change up plans and stop by to see how our Nay Imperial was doing. Well when we showed up, we meet 2 rather shocked faces. Nay Imperial and her sister in-law were sitting out front looking rather depressed. While talking that evening, they were getting pretty sad about the loss of their husband/brother. Nay's husband recently passed away, and she was telling her sister in law how we shared with her about the next life and gave her hope to see their husband/brother again. They said to one another it'd be nice to get a visit from the missionaries, and hear some uplifting words. Well, low and behold right when they said the magic words, there came 2 missionaries. It was an odd feeling when they told us they were just talking about us. God works in mysterious ways. HE knows exactly what he's doing, i'm im so glad I can be at his service when he needs someone.

I've got the best job in the whole world.

Sis Hancock

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