Monday, May 2, 2011

I’m sorry I don't have anytime to write this week, I am busy busy today and these next couple days. Transfers again! Sister Saua is transferred to Sorsogon. Furthest south point in the Bicol. She’s very scared. I'm not allowed to be assigned there, because of my color. Foreigners get kidnapped like fat kids eat cake. Anyway, I'm training this transfer. Its possible that she’s Americana or Philipina. 2 more Americans are arriving on Wednesday, which will make a total of I think 4 Americans 1 Samoan 1 Indian 1 Pakistani and 29 Philipina Sisters. I'll inform ya who's my new companion when you call me this weekend.
Sorry again for the short letter! I'll talk to ya soon.
Love ya,.
Sis, Rachelle

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