Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hi Family!
I actually should tell you to update that short letter I wrote before transfers. Is incorrect... the number of sister missionaries was coming from counting in my mind, and I left out a new Tongan that arrived last transfer. Yeah mostly all the foreigners got here the past 2 transfers. Pretty crazy all the different Sister ethnicity we have here. Then Also.. I heard wrong, Sister Saua got sent to Goa, which is not to far from Naga. She was pretty happy about that.
To answer some of your questions, I dream in all three languages. Interesting how it works. I started dreaming in Tagalog around January in think, then when I was really focusing on learning Bicol in March, I dreamed some in Bicol. Although now English has entered a lot of my dreams again, possibly due to me speaking English with my companion. Although my prayers are just in Tagalog and Bicol... English is just too boring.
So, you think Utah rain is bad? heh... Naga is now on alert, there will be a no. 4 Typhoon coming on Thursday. We have mission and ward preparation plans, due to the intensity, we may be evacuated. Luckily our house is raised a bit, last typhoon, the flood didn't quite reach us. Although this next typhoon is double the intensity. I think about all my investigators, last typhoon they were washed out of home, children trying to find higher ground to not drowned in the storm. I'll let ya know how it all goes, next letter.
Anyway, this week was great, even though there were a lot of misfortunes this week, trying to hinder the progress of our investigators. Although we are helping our investigators overcome any obstacle and come nearer to Christ.
For example, We have one investigator, scheduled to be baptized on June 18th. She was having some doubts to go through with the Baptism, because she just graduated from a Madre College School, and her profession should be a Nun. Although she knows all we've taught her is true, so she asked her strict Catholic family for permission to be Baptized. Her Parents were distraught at her decision, due to the waste of time and money they put into her nun schooling. Our investigator also is obligated to attend a Nun Activity in October with her family. If she gets baptized, her and her family cannot attend this prestigious Catholic activity. She thought just to not cause a disrupt in her family, she would wait until October, after the activity, to then be baptized. I was saddened at this news, only seeing Satan trying to push with wonderful woman's eternal progression further away. I thought for a moment, then explained to her that in life there will always be stumbling blocks in our eternal pathway. We can allow them to actually block our progression, or we can find the way how to climb over the block. Then explaining the importance of Baptism, and knowing that this is the right pathway for her, why wait? It would only hinder her from further following her savior. There would always be Catholic Activities, this year, the next year, ect..If she didn't decide now, this block would constantly stay in her pathway. If we know something is true, and its what God wants for us, lets not procrastinate climbing over the block. Even though it may be hard, overcoming the block is so much more rewarding then letting it interfere with our progression in our spiritual journey. We then left her Ether 12 to read, and ask her to pray to God again about being Baptized on June 18th to confirm what God wants her to do in her life. Then on Sunday, Sister Hill and I both talked in Sacrament. Our talks were both focused on doing the will of God, and how sometimes we need to make certain sacrifices in our life, to align our life in Gods pathway. Then we visited our investigator again that Sunday evening. She had a look of happiness on her face. She said that the past 2 days reading in Ether 12, she realized that she needed to show her faith to God, and even though being baptized may go against her families desires, she needs to set a good example for them, and then just hope someday they will be baptized into the true church as well. She will be sacrificing a lot in her life for the truth, but she knows her salvation is worth it. She did what we asked her, she prayed, and knows that she needs to get Baptized on June 18th.
That was just about one investigator, although we saw a lot of obstacles this week. Although, happy to say, in Faith, we helped each one of our investigators solve these concerns. This is when I really felt like a missionary. To realize how important our faith and guidance is for them. To never give up, but have hope and know that there is a way to climb over the blocks. I'm so glad we followed the spirit. Its so easy for missionaries to get discouraged and say, okay we'll wait for October. Or we can trust in God, and find a way to Build peoples faith in coming unto Christ.
Sister Hancock

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