Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey Family!
Yesterday, (as like everyday) I was reminded of why I’m on a mission. Picture in your minds, kneeling with a 40 year old women, while she offers her first heart felt prayer to God. Then when she finishes, looks at you with uncontrollable tears, grabs your hand and thanks you for teaching her how to pray. Its an indescribable experience to help some one learn how to speak to their Father in Heaven. To help someone learn that she has someone who loves her more than anything, constantly willing to listen to her, and help her.
Or while briskly walking from place to place, suddenly stopping in your tracts, feeling impressed to talk with a man sitting on some steps. Soon to find out, he lost an arm working with some machinery that malfunctioned. Since then, has been wondering why God would allow something like this to happen to him. He had been marred by an imperfect world, and was confusing it with Gods perfect love. Questioning if he could go through life anymore like this. I knew the Spirit led us to him, and led our entire conversation, to show how God has loved him his entire life, and never left his side.
Or its like moments, where unknowingly being guided by God. Yesterday, we were waiting outside of a house, for our district leader to complete a Baptismal Interview. Having a free moment, we approached a women with a goat. Now, I've never held a goat before, so we decided to strike up a convo with her by asking if I could try holding her goat. Now this being a full grown goat, it didn't really agree to being held. My companion held it with a rope, while I used all my strength in not getting poked or kicked. My plan didn't really go as followed, so I may have to start with baby goats first. Anyway, the goat ended up being a good ice breaker to talk with this women. We talked about her family, and ended up finding out that her 15 year old son recently died. She never had a sure idea about the next life, or if she would ever she her son again. When we looked her in the eyes and told her in complete confidence that God has a plan for her to see her son again, she couldn't hold back her tears of relief poured down her cheeks. She said she heard that we had a message about the resurrection and after life, although she was always to shy to confront missionaries on her own. So, in some sort of thankful way, I'm glad she so happened to have a pet goat to help us get acquainted.
The spirit is so vital in this life. Being willing to listen and follow its promptings in everything we do. I invite you to take time from life's busyness and ask God for ways to help someone (whether its your own soul or others) that day. Then be willing and prepared to listen. I know that God will help you become a more effective servant.
Well, due to a brown out for like 2 hours, my letter was cut short.
Love ya all!
-Sister Hancock

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