Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great week. Loving Naga. We saw a lot of success and wonderful inspired lessons this past week. Of coarse occasionally, we run into some roadblocks, trying to hinder the work, such as busy people, canceled appointments, ect..although I am shocked at the trust and blessings God is giving us. We have been lead to few, but very chosen and ready people for the gospel. Its really quite motivating for me. I constantly catch myself evaluating how I need to be a missionary for them. I feel like I need to prepare myself the best for them, so I'm not to blame, by not presenting the gospel in the most effective way. Determining on the spirit, and over coming peoples concerns, I am faithful these next few months we will see a lot of new members in the Naga 3rd Ward.
Today my companion and I decided to attend the opening of a family history center, here in Naga. I am very thrilled to have the Family History Center here. Elder Edwards of the area 70, said that there are only 2 Family Centers in the world, located in City Halls. Both are here in the Philippines. Obviously its not possible in America, due to church&state laws, although this blessing here in the Philippines will open up the church to anyone visiting the City Hall. So yea, earlier today was an awesome way to talk to people visiting and ask if we could share the gospel with them. I am planning on setting up a display sometime, with pamphlets, and a register. That way, if people are interested in knowing more about the Church, they can write their name, address, and availability down. The display will explain our belief in sealing families for eternity, and if they are interested in sealing their family, the missionaries will explain the gospel steps in order to receive that blessing from God. Then occasionally, Sister and I will stop in and check to see if anyone referred themselves to us.
Anyway, like I said previously, this week was incredible. Completely lead by the spirit. We were able to have people open up to us, and express their concerns. I feel like the spirit had been my right hand man. My Mission President blessed me at the beginning on my mission, that I would learn how be able to perfectly hear the spirits voice. I think about that a lot, and I see that blessings being fulfilled now. I can now say, I hear that voice, and wait for it.... before I speak, teach, tract, oym, and any other action through out the day. For example, Yesterday. I had a firm impression to go and visit an inactive member yesterday. We had visited her just the day before, and had no logical reason to visit her again that day. Although, I knew for some reason, we needed to go visit her. Well, not denying the spirit, we went. While sharing with her, I wondered what the spirit wanted from us during that visit. I soon followed the impression to ask her about one of her daughters. This inactive sister then shared that she actually just visited her daughter earlier that day. She was informed that her granddaughter, went to the mormon church that day. Neither her granddaughter nor her daughter are members. The missionaries taught them a few years back, although no one was baptized. I immediately asked this grandmother where her daughters home was. Later that evening , we met with this family. We asked the granddaughter, how and why she went to church. She said she woke up that morning, remembered the feeling when the missionaries taught her years back, and desired to feel that again. So she then found the nearest members home, and asked them to take her to their church. Well she happened to go to church, the Sunday we would view General Conference. What a perfect day, to be prompted by the spirit to go and hear the prophet speak. What a perfect day, to prompt a grandmother to go visit her grandchildren. What a perfect day to prompt the missionaries to contact an inactive grandmother to relay the story to them. God works in marvelous wonderful ways. He is willing to draw anyone nearer to him, if they are just willing and ready to listen to His spirit.
Love ya all,
Sister Hancock

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