Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Family,
Life is great as usual. I absolutely love Naga. Its filled with lots of rejection, and lots of blessings. Dad, I want to let you know that your prayers are being answered, and we are being lead to those people ready to accept the gospel. Sister Saua and I started from ground Zero here, and through the trust and mercy of God, we had a record breaking amount of investigators at Church yesterday. Some walking several miles in the scorching sun to attend. Grabe. This letters going to make me cry. I am just filled with gratitude to God for helping my companion and I find and teach powerfully.
Most of our investigators are real truth seekers. Asking really deep questions. Wanting to know our beliefs and stand point on a lot of religious topics. I am quite impressed with the desires of certain people. Others have really apostate questions. I have realized, that no matter how powerful my words are, no matter if I confound them in their speech, all it is to them is information, until they open their hearts and ask God. It takes a level of humility to be able to include God in such important decisions such as religion. Religion, is a spiritual thing. I cannot be learned by any other way, except through the spirit.
Jesus once told the Apostle Peter "Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven." People can compare churches all day long, but your not going to get anywhere, until you HUMBLY ask God.
I am sincerely thankful for each one of their questions, to help me study things out further, and become more durable or steadfast in our faith. Its like every thing I find, just adds to the truth. Its incredible. If there is anything that challenges our beliefs, if you actually study it out, all you'll find is evidence that supports our beliefs even more. I'm seeing a change in me. Things that I would say "I believe..." are now turning into "I know....".
We received our belief by guidance of the Holy Ghost. Then it becomes a knowledge when we actually study it out.
Mom, you asked about the little girl taking care of her baby twin brothers. I'm sorry to break your heart, but thats life for many children here. I'm no longer in that area, and I could share a mess of other situations in this current area. I think if you were here, you'd understand why I shared my feelings about me wanting to adopt here. I have this one investigator, who my heart has never been wrenched more in my life. Imagine 11 children, ranging 25-11 abandoned by their parents. Haven't seen their mother in over 2 years. Their father comes home rarely, completely drunk. They've never had a conversation with him when he hasn't been drunk. He'll pass out for one night, leave when he gains consciousness, then perhaps they'll see him 5 months later when he wonders his way back home. Ramond loves listening to us. He is 21 years old, and is one of the main providers for their family. Sad thing is, he doesn't have a job. He just finds random work when the opportunity comes. His heart is SO soft. Some people would probably look at his life, and see lack of love and help from God. Although when Raymond prays, his prayers are so tender. He finds countless ways to thank, love and worship God. Gods love is like a warm blanket whenever I enter their home, or when Raymond speaks.
Its so heart wrenching to see such a willing spirit, placed in such a challenging situation. Not only physically, but spiritually. The Eldest brother, contradicts the Church, and makes fun of Raymond for listening to us. He has several friends from other "rival" churches. The other Sunday, we went to his house to pick him up before church. Walking out of his house, I felt like I was walking a death march. There were neighbors, friends ect.. lined up in the street tantalizing and persecuting him for going to Church with us. He just bowed his head, and pushed through the comments. I held a smile and just whispered to him don't listen to them.
I had to fight thoughts of "Why Him?" why is this spirit placed in such constricting situations, when there are people in other situations like mine, where I was given the gospel at birth and raised with a loving family? I have taken tooo many things for granted in my life. He's probably just a stronger spirit than I. I know that God doesn't test us past our capacity. I'm just very impressed with the way Ramond is over coming and viewing his challenges, while accepting the gospel along the way.
Love you all,
Sister Rachelle Hancock

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