Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tafola! Oa mai oe! That’s Samoan for “hello, how are you.” Yes, my new companion is from Somoa! But I guess I should say marahay na aga sa indong gabos which is”good morning to you all” in Bicol. None of the Languages I thought I would need or learn how to speak! Sister Saua and I are assigned in Camaligan, Naga which is in the heart of the Bicol region. This transfer may have shocked many, that 2 fresh foreigners were put together in an area that speaks pure Bicol. I love Sister Saua though. I met her in the MTC when I was leaving, and she was just entering. She has such a patient, humble, child-like disposition. I am learning a lot from her.
I miss my old area, although I’ll march to the motto- Come what may, and love it. I have complete trust in the Lord wherever I am called and whoever my companion is. I think part of that trust goes along with trusting that after you’ve left an area, not able to help your investigators anymore, to have complete trust in the new missionaries in your spot. I worry about what will happen to areas, recent converts, investigators and less actives, although I realize that I cannot be there my entire life. As much as I wish I could live in their home, and carry them to the celestial kingdom, it’s just not that possible. So my trust has to go as far as knowing that God is watching out for them, and putting other missionaries in my place to help these people along their way.
Being that it’s Valentine’s Day, I would like to talk a little about the Love that Jesus Christ has for us. President Thomas S. Monson once stated “Love is the catalyst that causes change. Love is the balm that brings healing to the soul. But Love doesn’t grow like weeds or fall like rain. Love has its price. (John 3:16) That son, even the Lord Jesus Christ, gave His life that we might have eternal life, so great was His Love for his Father and for us .” I think about how wonderful it is, that we have the opportunity to change. To become better people, even perfect, like Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus Christ’s perfect Love, we are able to overcome weaknesses. We are able to be made whole. It is incredible that we can apply the atonement in our selves, as well as our relationships with others. Love takes sacrifice (ex: Christ’s Life). Sacrifice takes Patience. Patience takes Humility. We need to sacrifice our weaknesses. It’s going to take a lot of selfless thinking, time and effort. Although through our patience, if we humble our selves before the Lord, he will make our weaknesses strong.

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