Monday, February 28, 2011

Ohh Camaligan. What a unique transfer. I have been in so many incredible learning experiences, it has really helped me progress personally. Life is all about strengthening weaknesses, and becoming more Christ-like. Learning self-mastery and obedience. Everyday is an opportunity to become a better person than the previous day.

One thing, I realize I missed out a lot on before my mission, is sharing my testimony more. Perhaps, I just wasn't looking for opportunities. Although now, in my mission, I listen intently to every word coming from others, finding ways to bring up the gospel with them. When I return, I'm not going to let this go. There are just so many wonderful opportunities that can happen, when you bring up the gospel. I think its all about changing your mind set. I used to pass people in the mall, restaurants all the time, and thought nothing about them. Now, passing large amounts or people on a jeepnee ride, or at the market, it sometimes brings tears to my eyes, that I have something so wonderful to give them, but I cant reach them all in time. There are people out there that need the gospel. Sometimes, they just don't know it at first, and they may not accept your testimony. Although, at least you started them on their spiritual journey. Before I get a door slammed on me, or someone says no thanks, I make sure to tell them, I have a message about Jesus Christ for them. So at least they know what they are rejecting. At that moment, that is starting them on their spiritual journey. Because I know they're going to feel something different in their heart after they walk away. Then the next time they see the missionaries, they at least know what their purpose is, and they have a message for them. Now, we may be afraid of bringing up the gospel with others, due to awkward socialness, or feelings of rejection. Although, its a good testimony builder. For example the other day, while riding in a Trycie, the driver asked me how much my salary was. I told him that I didn't have a salary, and that I willingly volunteered to be here. He then tried to accuse me of lying, telling me that people are practical now a days, and there is no way I would be doing mission work without a salary. He rambled on a bit about how people need jobs, and it just doesn't make sense. I then asked him if he believed there is one true church on Earth. He thought for a bit, Then I told him that I know I found the Gods only true church. To him this may look like an impractical sacrifice, but to me the truth is my motivation. I confirmed to him that I am willingly sharing the truth to every person I meet, because I want to share the blessings i've received from the fullness of Christs Gospel. I told him this is my richness. and it would be selfish if I didn't give it to others and to him.

During that moment, even though he thought I was the craziest person in the world, I felt so at peace. My love grew for him, and even though he wanted to contradict my testimony, I couldn't help but still care for him. It also helped confirm to me what I'm doing. I am helping people come unto Christ, because I know my message is true. At least that trycie driver now knows. And when I get back home, i'm not going to stop sharing this great message.

Sis. Hancock

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