Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Kylee,

I would like to tell you about how you served the Filipino people. I really appreciate the blind love you showed for people you never even met. Thank you for your effort to earn money for them. I thought deeply about how I could spend your money in the wisest way. I keep my eyes open for opportunities. You fed a family during the holidays, who would have ate nothing. Although, I saved a large portion of the money for something special. I prayed to God to help me find the best way to help someone. I finally got the impression to help a certain less-active family in the branch here. We have spent sometime reactivating them. (the reason being lack of money to pay for their fare to get to church.) Although I have witnessed faith tried and built, and God blessing them. The feeling came over me while sitting in their home, before we shared a message with them. I knew right away I would use the money to help them, I just didn't know quite how. I looked around at their house, which was obviously in need of fixing, I saw starving children, and a father who looks emancipated. I thought about all their physical needs, although nothing felt quite right. I suppose being about a spiritual work I wanted something that would last longer. Our lesson soon turned to the topic of temples. The closest temple is in Manilla, which is over 8 hours away. This family has not been able be sealed, due to lack of funds. It soon dawned on me that the amount of money you earned, would pay the way for this family to take a trip to the temple. That has to be the best Christmas present ever. A family to be sealed for all time and eternity. Kylee, YOU are the real missionary here. I can only help most towards baptism. You're helping this family progress eternally together, through a temple marriage. Thanks for your service. You've blessed lives.

Your sis,


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