Monday, May 17, 2010

Kumusta po kayo!

I am so happy. Life is beautiful. Honestly, choosing to go on a mission was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I learn so much each day its incredible. Knowledge about the gospel of Christ is so important. "we cannot be saved by ignorance." We must seek to understand the gospel, because in reality that is why we are here on the Earth. To prove to God that you will follow his commandments, and accept the gospel. One thing that has strengthened my testimony this past week, was when I was reading in the new testament. I am constantly overwhelmed by how many times Jesus refers to God as his Father, he will tell the people he sent him, etc. In the first 16 chapters of John alone, Christ references His Father 138 times. Can’t you tell that he actually meant it? I blows my mind that philosophies of men could corrupt that precious truth, that God and Jesus are different beings. I am grateful I can bring the truth and reality to People, so they can obtain a closer relationship to God and Jesus.
Last Tuesday we had Elder Holland come talk to us! It was incredible. He spoke for an hour and a half about how important missionary work is. He explained that this is spiritual medical school, and just like how no one would trust an unskilled doctor, we need to prepare ourselves as much as we can so that God could entrust us with people that he has been preparing for us. If he is able to move people into our lives for us to help, who says he wouldn’t move people out of our path if we are not prepared enough? I ended up taking 6 pages of notes that night. I have never felt so much power come from a man before. WE are NOT living our live for some fairy tale. For a lie to deceive others. Joseph Smith helped open up so many wonderful things in Christ’s Gospel.
So I got to Host this week. Which means I got to take around all the new missionaries and help them to their rooms and classes. It was so fun. My companion sang in relief Society yesterday. She did amazing. I think I got a slight feeling of what its like to be a parent. I was so proud of her and I wanted her to do so well. We sure have a great relationship. Many leaders and presidency members have come to ask us how we do it, and how come we are so close, (try to get advice for some of the other companionships that aren’t doing so well) and I honestly think its because We truly care for one another. We trust each other. We listen and serve each other as best as we can. If there is any problem we resolve it immediately, and we are willing to admit we are wrong. I love it. She’s one of my best friends. My district is awesome as well. We sure have bonded. we gained 3 missionaries from the older district, they had to stay in the MTC longer because they got hurt and had to get surgery their last week. Its amazing how much the adversary tries everything to hold missionaries back, even if it is physically. I look up to this one Elder so much. Elder Yardley only has one arm, but he never misses a beat in life. He was converted, and adopted when we was sixteen, he was born without an arm because his mother smoked. His real father just got out of prison. He told me that he loves his real parents and his foster (and now) actual parents so much. He tore something in his only shoulder, and may have to get surgery. He finds out today. He is the most positive person I have ever met. He even jokes around about his arm. At lunch he really wanted this elders dessert, so he said "Ill trade ya my right arm for it" and then he was like "come on!! do you know how much that means to me???!" Too funny.
SO I gave another talk on Sunday. They said that that never happens, because in a district there are about 30 people and for about 5 Sundays, 2 missionaries talk. And to be honest, being that I already talked, I did not think that I would have to talk again, so I didn’t write a talk. When they called my name I had about 30 seconds on the way up to the pulpit to think what I wanted to say about prayer. It was great though, I love speaking. The Tagalog just came to me it was awesome.
Mahal kita,
Sister Han

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