Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kumusa Pamilya!

I have my flight plans!!!!!!!! I leave for the Philippines March 31. Which means I can call you from the airport that night!!!!! I will be able to call sometime between 6:30 and 11:00 So be sure to have the whole family home then!!! I cant wait to speak with you. Oh and make sure grandma is there. I've been thinking about her lately and I miss her. So I wont arrive in the Philippines until June 2 11:30 am. SUUUCH A LOONG FLIGHT!!! I’m sooo excited. My mission president emailed me and said that I will be taking another flight from Manila to Naga, on a small plane so my bags can only way 33 pounds!!!!!! I have no idea what I am going to part with. These next 2 days I am going to try to decide, and hopefully get enough stuff to send home by Wednesday so I can give it to sis. LeCates. If you could tell her I will come to her in the orientation room and hand it to her (where we met last time) That would be awesome!!!!
Well its been another awesome week in the MTC. I became good friends with Elder San Ramon from Naga. He is serving in the Ogden Utah mission. (Funny, we kind of switch spots) He's real neat, I like speaking Tagalog with him. He told sister Cluff and I that he sent home a picture of us, and his family and the ward over there is excited to meet us. The other day he came up and gave me a picture of us, and gave me some referral cards of some of his family who aren’t members. I was immediately grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing this elder to gain trust in me and my companion and give referrals to the people he loves. I keep the picture of us in my binder to remind me that is people like Elder San Ramon who is trusting me with their family, and I need to do all I can to be prepared to help those precious souls. I haven’t even met Elder San Ramons family yet, but I already love them. I know this experience will keep me motivated my entire mission, because I have people counting on me. Whether its the Filipino members with family, people in Heaven, or God. I have so much responsibility to keep the spirit with me, be sharp with the scriptures, prepare well, and work hard so that I can help Gods Children find him.

My mission is so wonderful. I love every moment of it. I cannot wait to help people gain a testimony that Christ lives. I remember last summer when I had to decide for myself why I believe what I claim to say I do. , I turned to the scriptures for answers. I was ashamed that I didn’t know the scriptures all too well. Of coarse I had taken seminary and studied them before, yet I felt inadequate. I had always felt that the gospel was true, yet It bothered me that I couldn’t explain how or why. At that moment was the first time I actually picked up the book of Mormon to know for myself of its validity. It took me 2 months to finish it. There were some days when I could barely put the book down, if it wasn’t for school and work. I didn’t have to wait to finish the book to know of its truthfulness though. Countless times I witnessed those words screaming the testimony of Christ, and giving me purpose to my life. After I finished the book of Mormon, I dedicated my life to learning more about the gospel. Here in the MTC, I started reading the New Testament and I am pages away from being done! Thrilled about that. Its been neat learning more and more.

The church is true. It is the only one that contains Christ’s fullness.

Sis han

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  1. I LOVE ALL of her letters!!! This one was especially dynamic and so amazing!!!