Monday, October 3, 2011

This past week has been a great one. Working super hard, and mixing it with obedience. In the past I mentioned that they is a Family in Naga waiting for the gospel, and I just gotta find them. Well, last Monday we found them! ay sa wakas. Last monday we got a referral from a member. There was a signal 3 hurricane outside, the streets started flooding, but sister and I were determined to get to this referral family. Businesses closed early and people started scampering off to their homes to prepare for the floods. We waited outside for a Jeepnee in rain and hurricane wind for 30 minutes. Finally a Jeenee came by and picked us up. Although a minute into the ride the storm got stronger and the driver decided not to continue the trip. He dropped us off, and we continued to wait outside. After 20 minutes, miraculously a van ( not normal public transportation) stopped and picked us up. They dropped us off at the top of the subdivision and we walked the rest of the way to our potential investigators house. We got to them an hour late, but he had a great lesson and they appreciated the visit even during hurricane weather. Then on the way home, a member who lived near by (who owns a car!!..rare) took us home. It was as if the way was paved for us to get to this golden family, but we just had to wait for the pavement to dry. We could have given up, finished work early and said, its impossible to work in this weather...but we didn't! We knew that the Lord would help us get to this family. It really proved to me that patience and faith pays off in times of trial and testing.
Love you all super so much.
Sister Hancock

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