Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey family,

This is Last email I'll write in my mission. I finished my last day of work yesterday. This afternoon we will be entering the mission home. We will be receiving counsel and be in meetings until Wednesday morning. I will arrive in manila that morning, and be off to the temple. I cannot wait to enter the temple!!! It has been tooooo long since I've been back there.

This last Saturday we held a Baptism. Caroline Sumalde got Baptized. She is the investigator that I told you about, that got prompted to enter our church the morning of conference 6 months ago. She has an incredible testimony, and it touched all her family members that came to watch her baptism. I can only pray that her testimony will be the key to unlocking the door for her other family members to accept the gospel. Cezar also got baptized yesterday. What a special person he is. We met him about a month ago, he saw the change coming about his friend Angelo, and wanted that light he saw come about Angelo. He started attending our lessons with Angelo, and was converted quickly. Their story is incredible. Both were abandoned by their parents, and have been passed around from aunts and uncles, but never had a permanent home. Both were in awful addictions, and befriended each other due to their wild pasts. They both recognized their unhappiness, and decided to search somewhere else other than what the world to offer. It was tear jerking to see them talk about their past and awful experiences, then see a glow about them when they talk about their life now. I think God brought them together to support each other, and Angelo became the way that Cezar was introduced to the truth.

I don't really feel like I'm going home. I just want to keep working. I feel like this evening I'll just be going back out and sharing my testimony with my brothers and sisters here in Naga. It hasn't really hit me yet I guess. This has been the BEST experience of my life. I know God lead me to where I'm at in my life. One thing I learned is that a mission is not a sacrifice, but a privilege. I was privileged to be given the restored gospel at a young age, and It has been a privilege to share it with others.

Love you all, and I'll be seeing ya soon.

Sister Hancock


  1. Thank you for sharing Sister Hancock's mission experiences. They have been informative and enlightening and of course inspiring. I appreciate knowing there are such dedicated and loving missionaries as Sister Hancock!
    Coreen Engstrom
    P.S. Enjoy a wonderful reunion!!!

  2. Hi Sister Hancock,

    My name is Meisha Christensen and I am from Salt Lake City Utah. I just recieved my mission call to the Naga mission and am so excited. When I was looking up Naga on google I came across your blog and have loved reading through all of your letters, giving me a better picture of what to expect from my upcoming mission. I would love to hear more of your stories or any advice you have about the mission or about preparing to leave. I am leaving for the MTC on June 6th. My email is if you have time to contact me or anything I would love to hear from you! thanks again for your wonderful blog and the sweet spirit I felt from reading your posts. Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Sister Hancock,

    I'm in the same boat as Mesiha. I recently got my call and quickly found your blog through a Google search. I absolutely loved reading about your experiences. I too, would love to talk to you more about it if you have the time and see this comment. I leave October 9. My email is Hope to hear from you!

    Elise Moulton