Monday, September 19, 2011

Hey Family.
So that sickness I had, ended up being the dengue virus. I wouldn't have lived like a true Filipino if I didn't experience dengue before I left. I think these sicknesses here are like the closeness I've ever felt to death. For real this last week I was ready to throw in the towel and meet my maker. But, I suppose I still have things to do in my life, like finish my mission, so I've been granted a second life.
So Penafrancia is over. This weekend was crazy. All of our lessons were cancelled, so we went and stood on a curb and gave out pass-a-long cards to the multitudes throbbing to see INA. It looks like other religions had the same idea to save some people from selling their soul to the golden woman. There were a lot of protestors with banners, telling people things like "Hell is Horrible! Repent!" or quoting the bible about idol worshiping. We of coarse didn't go to the extreme of protesting..haha couldn't you imagine. But the whole Ina worshiping was shocking. On Saturday, she took float on the big river that flows through Naga, then when she takes Land, people go crazy to touch her. One of our investigators explained the experience when he touched INA. He said its very dangerous because all the men get drunk, and fight each other off to get to her. Many people have died in the mob. He said that was a testimony to him the Idol was NOT a holy edifice, due to all the swearing and un-Christlike acts committed around it.
I don't know how successful it was passing out flyers, we'll see if anyone contacts us. Many people weren't that friendly to us. My companion compared it to fishing. When low-tide, you can catch a lot, When its High-tide you don't really catch anything. So I suppose the high-tide rush of people wasn't the greatest "finding" approach, but ya live and ya learn right.
Oh and Ma, to make you feel better, in my opinion its good that you bought the pleather scriptures for Cory. General Authorities Daw have counseled us to get a new pair of scriptures often. The many times you read them, there are different revelations or ways to mark and read a pair. I want to get a new pair of scriptures soon. So sayang naman ang leather scriptures ko that dad bought me. Oh and Corys scriptures, what size is that??? Small or Medium? And what would you like? there are different kinds of made scripture cases here. The members do businesses like this. One member makes nice leather scripture cases. What would you have written on it? scripture, name, mission? any logos? Then there is another type of case, water proof I think, its really nice and sleek looking. Thats what I use. Its plastic I think. Then there is another kind that is like.. wool type of fabric. Really durable... or if he has the little scriptures I could get one made out of bamboo leaves. But I need to know ASAP, because these members are from different places around bicol and I need to inform them to make a scripture case, hopefully done in time before I go home. Which reminds me, do you know if I can bring a chair home? Random question...but my investigator told me her husband is making me a chair, so when I'm home I can sit in it and think of their family. I told her I have no idea how i'd bring it home.

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