Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey Family,
I wrote Cory a letter, let me know when it gets home. If you could send it to him at the MTC that'd be great. GOOD LUCK CORY!! See you in 2. You know the exact day I leave the field, you will be entering the field. Just passing the torch on.
GREAT WEEK! like super duper. We held a Baptism on Saturday for Angelo Alarzar. That whole conversion story is a miracle that has changed my view on life. But I'll save that story to tell in 3 weeks when I see you all. Are investigators are going so WELL!!!! Megan Nunez, awesome person. I may have told you her situation a month back, but she was raised in a devoted catholic family, taking our lessons in secret, but now wants to be baptized and is afraid to tell her parents. I'm sorry I have so much to say about her but then I keep thinking it'll just be so much better if I can just share in person whats happened with her. You may just have to wait to get the full story on these people.
Wow, I just talked to a Filipino-American guy right now, that asked me if I was a Mormon missionary. He is actually from Nevada! We just had an English conversation.(weird) He told me he has a lot of Mormon acquaintances, and has wanted to join in their activities but has never been invited. I told him he's always welcome to join in, and if I'm ever in Mesquite I will call him and invite him to the activities. Look at me go, creating a pool of investigators for when I'm home! ha. I don't want this mission work to end. Hopefully when I'm home I'll be able to keep finding opportunities to help people come unto Christ.
Sorry for the random bit, but I lost my train of thought, so I just had to write it out. Oh yeah, and I'm sorry if I cant get the leather case, I'll try my best, but 3 weeks isn't the greatest time span to get it done. I'll see what I can come up with! Sorry my mind is super spastic right now. Back to my investigators, they are awesome!!! The Nilo Family is super progressing! I wrote weeks back about Sister Nilo, and her faith and patience in helping her family along. Well, after many fasts and prayers, Bro Nilo is now more sure than ever he's getting baptized and the past 6 weeks they have gone to church consecutively! Big Big miracles and changes are happening. They started a couple months back smoking 2 cartons of cigarettes a day, now to 1 to 3 cigarettes a week! I am super proud of their progress. There has been a lot that has needed to change before their baptism, but things are working their way out. We will also be holding a wedding for Bro and Sis (they never were officially married) so that will be happening these next couple weeks, and then if they refrain from cigarettes this entire month, at the end of October they will be baptized. I wont be able to see their baptism, but its been a true joy helping them in this long conversion process. They are such an awesome family, and I love them so so so so so much. Sorry this letter isn't very inspiring or great, I'm just like super super super happy. Like really. Can't even express the level of happiness.
Love you all.
Sister Hancock      

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