Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm sorry, my mind is blank, and couldn't even really think what to write to president today, so due to lack of time and thought, I just copy and pasted presidents letter here. Sorry again, but I love ya tons and dad, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! your a super daddy. Thanks for raising me, and your wonderful example.
Hi President.
This was a good week. Although, most of our investigators didn't really progress. It seems like other things are trying to distract them, although that's all the more motivation to fight harder, and build their faith up. I've been trying to evaluate each investigator to determine the reasons for the lack of progress. I have found things that I need to improve on. Things for example, even if they have come to church 5 consecutive times, continue inviting them to church, and don't just assume to see them there. I often find lack of their progress, is actually generally connected with the missionary. If there's steps we leave out, its like we're shortening them on chances of fully understanding the importance of progress.
My entire mission I have been trying to find the best way to resolve concerns or objections people use. Concerns like-"We all believe in One God, We are all going to return to that one God, so It doesn't matter what religious pathway you take." People are not fully understanding when Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." Jesus Christ’s gospel has become corrupted and distorted leading to emerges of different sects. If they only knew the joy of living Christ’s pure perfect doctrine. Or when we invite people to go to church, they say "Well, I just cant promise, but I'll try." When really, we make promises to God to show our Faith, and obtain blessings. Gods people are a covenant making people. We shouldn't be afraid to make promises, because the promises God wants us to make with him, will only benefit our lives. Or concerns like, "I'm sure God understands I why cant go to church, or stop drinking, or pay tithing ect.. but I always repent afterward." That comes out of lack of understanding about the Atonement and Commandments. Even though God is a merciful God and will forgive us each time we repent, I would hate to stand at the judgment of God, and just see my life filled with many empty Sorrys, and few times I took the time to follow the commandment. Our State of Glory will depend on our faith in following the commandments.
Oh, If you have time to share some thoughts, a member shared with us an experience, and asked us to help her see more of a church stand point on the matter. I appreciate her humility to accept other advice, possibly contradicting to her feelings. She actually bore her testimony about the matter, because she felt it was a very spiritual time for her. Sometimes I hope members would hold non-doctrinal safe comments to themselves before sharing them at the pulpit, but I’ve been strengthening patience for the Progress of the Church in younger areas. The following is the experience she shared. While attending her Fathers Funeral, her fathers spirit possessed the body of her brother, and begged for forgiveness from all his Children and then from the Priest. She stated that it was a spiritual time to see her "father" repent from all his waywardness. She thinks he entered the Spirit World and realized all the wrong he had done in his life, and then entered his sons body to correct matters on Earth. When the Sister asked me for my opinion, I told her that I wanted to give her the best answer, so I would first study it out, and then at a later time I would give her a more authoritative response. She is looking more for a scriptural or prophetic answer. The times I've heard of Spirit Possession, has been in the New Testament, when unembodied spirits posses other bodies. I have never heard of an experience when a disembodied spirit has possessed another. It seems unnecessary to use a body of another to repent, when there is still an opportunity for a spirit alone to repent in the spirit world, as stated at the end of ch.138 in D&C. I of coarse have my own thoughts on the matter, but I’ll withhold from going into that further, and just ask for advice. Thanks!
Sister Hancock

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