Monday, June 6, 2011

So you know the investigator I talked about last week and the week before?
So we're planning on holding her Baptism this Saturday on the 11th! (I told you June 18th last email, but that's not right) This is our investigator, who had concerns about leaving her catholic oriented family, and abandoning her Catholic Education degree. She told her parents last week, no matter what she was getting Baptized, and yesterday her mom drove in from Goa, to talk to her more about her decision. Princess, our investigator told us she wouldn't be able to make it to church, although we suggested to take her mother to church to further evaluate the decision. Her mother agreed, and came to church. Its turned out to be a great day to attend church, a lot of strong testimonies were given. Her mother felt the spirit, and then gave permission to have her daughter choose for herself. Her mother even agreed to go to church in Goa, and listen to the missionaries. Princess seems pretty determined to help her family gain a testimony and become baptized, Her faith is just glowing.
Oh yeah to update you on that monstrous typhoon/hurricane heading towards the Bicol region last week, yeah it didn't come! If it would have hit, it would have been hurricane Katrina times 3. People were preparing and praying, praying and preparing. Silence grew over the town the night it should have entered. It started furiously raining, and my heart sunk in fear. Although at the last moment, the hurricane changed directions into the ocean, and started moving away the Philippines. Miracle on 93rd street. booo yeaah.
You know, I have met a lot of incredibly unhappy unfortunate people in the past couple weeks. It has made me really think about how to receive Gods blessings, improve our lives, and obtain happiness in our lives. It seems like that is life's ultimate goal. To be happy. Isn't that Gods plan? To be really sincerely truly happy. Sometimes people are so blinded by fake happiness, also known as pleasure. The only difference, is that type of gratification has an expiration date. I have realized how much control God has given us to choose for ourselves our level of happiness. He has given us the perfect guide for genuine happiness. Those are the commandments outlined in the gospel. Many people see lack of blessings in their lives, and confuse that with Gods Unkindness, although we need to realize how much our choices played an action in our level of happiness. If we want more blessings in our lives, or you feel like God is holding back on you, evaluate your life, and check your status if your following the commandments. Because at the end of each commandment followed, there is the blessing of happiness, and being free from bondage. Obedience is what sets us free!

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