Monday, November 1, 2010

So all I gotta say for this week is KARMA. I totally dis the Philippino hospital last week, and now I have to go in...(at this point of the letter, mom's heart takes a lurch) . I recently karma-ratically developed a fungus in my ear. gross huh? yeah. I cant hear, and its damp and blocked inside. I've been putting off going in because I’m scared to death what the doctor is going to do. My companion said the doctor will scrape it out with a small spoon. Oh well, whatever happens, at least God gave me 2 ears. haha. (Mom is now on the internet checking "ear fungas"...) If one goes, at least I still have the other.

So mother dear. You sent me curry!!! I miss my Indian food. Your package actually got me exploring in the back streets of the Philippines and I’m finding real neat spices and different products. I can actually pull off some American foods too. But I prefer to learn new dishes, then repeat my own cultures for now. I sent a pic of my final curry product. It has sitaw, carrots, squash, chicken in it. I should have been an Indian. We have Hindu Indian neighbors who don't speak a lick of Tagalog, and I bet their mouths were watering over my curry smelling delicious tastiness.

So this letter will be the highlight edition. I'm going to include things that I’ll MISS from the Philippines. Things that you can only experience in the Phili. I'll miss riding a trycie. Buying hot street peanuts for only 5 pesos. Drinking Taho each morning from a walking vendor, who brings it to my home each morning. I'll miss all the random parades that are thrown weekly. Whether its the Dead person parade, the gay dancer parade, the random 'lets walk behind a lit up cross' parade, or some little kid parade who made floats (pulled by callibou or trycies) and wave in the streets. Any excuse a Philippino can find to celebrate. I miss walking into houses and seeing random ribbons and trophies that each family member has won from cities, schools, or any organization. Philippinos love being rewarded, and you'll see random rewards like "most special person" award. And they love talking about them too. I'll miss getting away with singing Christmas songs in October. Yes, It is Christmas season. They start it early here, because they love to celebrate. I'll miss being able to do anything illegal in America, its okay here. No law enforcement. People peeing on no peeing signs. Or being able to ride on the top of a jeepnee, because there was no more room inside the bus. I'll miss random English signs like "stop dumping hugs here". I will definitely miss the clothing here. People are a walking D.I. and I LOVE it. Mostly peoples clothing come from a place called ukay ukay. It is used Japanese and Chinese clothing. I see a lot of really neat creative outfits. I wish I could take ukay home with me. I'll miss creative house decorations made out of anything people find. I saw in one house, they cut up little pieces of chip bags, and fold them together to make curtains. I wont miss ugly stray dogs though. They're everywhere!  One even pee'd on me while I was tracting too. I'll miss crazy old ladies like Nany Ligaya, who offers another prayer after the opening prayer, introduces her granddaughter to God, and asks Him to make her Mormon because they've got air conditioning at church. Well I could go on and on. But I'll end that rant for now.

So last night we had to end work at 6pm because of Halloween. I guess its too dangerous late at night, and there is no work today as well. Strictly stay at our houses in the evening. Captn's orders. The Philippinos celebrate Halloween a completely different way than us. Its a catholic holiday for 2 days. They go to the cemetery, pray over the dead, get drunk, then everyone sleeps at the cemetery! I had to ask a couple times just to make sure I heard right. Yes, they actually sleep at the cemetery on Halloween night. Creepy! Anyway, Take care. Until next week! Ba baye.

Sister Han.

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