Monday, November 8, 2010

Mabuhay! From da phili!! What a week. WHAT a week. Well, I’ll update you about my Doctor experience. Hahah. uhm… good news is I survived. (obviously, since I’m writing you now.) So I was referred to go to Doc. Ponayo. We showed up at…nope not the hospital, but the shack behind the hospital. I felt like I was doing one of those back door type deals, and I was going to wake up in a tub missing a kidney. The doctor inspected my ear quickly, a little too suspiciously quick, and insisted my problem was “internal”. Then he asked me random questions like “have you been coughing lately” “Do you have a cold, sore throat..ect” I assured him I was healthy as a horse, besides some radical ear wax that needs to be removed. Then he asked me three times if I had diabetes, or if my mother has diabetes. I confirmed my random history of health, then he scribbled something on a paper, and sent me to “The Laboratory”. Haa.. Yeah you’d gulp too if you heard the way he said it. So I give the scribbled paper to the nurse and then she pulls out this needle the size of King Kong. I was like “whoa sister, where’d you get THAT and why” . Then without hesitation she sticks it in my arm and assures me it’s needed for tests. Well 2 screams and a pint of blood later, my brain starts catching up with the actions. I’m suddenly wondering what the ..why’d they take my blood, when my problems ear wax? Was that a used needle? Was that chick even a nurse? Then to be honest, I went to the bathroom, light-headedly, and then had one of those “what am I doing in this 3rd world country “ type moments. I then soon returned to the Doc. and without a mention of the blood, he prescribes me an Antibiotic. Yea. Just that. Ha. Then he sent me on my way. Still confused why I gave blood, I bet they just figured, “oh hey here’s this random healthy American, while she’s in here, let’s take some of her blood. We’re short some for the next transfusion.” Haha. So we’ll see if my heinous ear wax clears up or not. I have a checkup on the13th but I don’t really feel like donating anything else outta my body for now.

So we had a lovely baptism this past Saturday. A couple weeks ago he was this young 18 yr old kid, who showed up randomly at church one Sunday. Seeing a new face, went and talked to him. His Grandfather is a member, and he respects him, so he decided to go to church to see what Mormonism is all about. We then went to his house later that day, to share the good word, and from that moment until now, I witnessed the gospel get rooted into a willing soul. Such incredible timing as well. There were some serious life changing sinful pathways and decisions that were coming to the forefront of his life. Seeking guidance in certain matters, he turned to religion. He was so thirsty for learning, he willingly took our advice, and progressed rapidly. His conversion took place because of his soft heart, and the guidance of the spirit to us in each visit. After visiting him for the 2nd time, we addressed some of his soul searching concerns about facing certain temptations. The spirit was so strong in that visit, that he ended up asking if he could get baptized. I’m glad I got to witness him accept the gospel and be baptized. I hope I always remember the look on his face after he came out of the water. He looked over at Sister Rifareal and I, and gave us this great big smile. He then came over to us after and said he felt great.

Dad you asked me some questions about the progress of investigators. I got to say it’s not as easy as the conversion story above. His story of progression is because of his heart (obviously he referred himself) Philippinos are a very kind people, and they will let you in right away. And they’ve got all the time in the world, so they’ll listen to you, yet that desire is missing. We do find prepared and desire filled people, yet its surprising how many obstacles appear to try and stop them from progressing. Honestly Missionary work is incredibly hard, in trying to help these people overcome the obstacles. Yet those are the times when we just rely on the spirit to use our mouths to help them be uplifted to make a change in their life, or try a little harder to see the truth. A lot of people are blind folded, it’s just wrestling to take the blind fold off.

Love you all,

Sis. Han.

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