Monday, October 25, 2010

So this week was a bit interesting. Sister Rifareal was sick this whole week, and I got to see the inside of a hospital here. Shesh I hope nothing bad happens to me. I think i'd be better off laying half dead on the road, than inside a hospital. Sis had to get an x-ray on her chest, and I was calmly sitting in the waiting area, when I looked to my side, and there was a pile of trash and a sign above that read " INFECTIOUS AND PATHOLOGICAL WASTE PLACE HERE" I had to take a double, triple er quadruple look just to make sure thats what it really said. Then the x-ray machine was held together by, no, not duck-tape, but scotch tape. I walked outta that place having a headache, and I’m not quite sure if it was from the pathological items I sat next to, or the fact the x-rays were probably squirting out every which way of the machine. I'm pretty sure I got x-rayed too, I just don’t have that nifty x-ray sheet paper to prove it. Although I was pretty impressed with the creative process they used to develop the x-ray paper. The doctor went out side, simply laid it on some bushes, and let the sun to the rest.

Anyway, I’m safe, its been raining because of the typhoon, but that’s nothing new. I'm always wet here. Whether its from the rain, or sweating from the scorching sun. I'm surprised the Philippinos haven't evolved and spouted gills yet. I guess they wouldn't be in the image of God anymore, so that’s why.

Any way, I'm sorry I don't have much time left. But I love you all. Take care!

Sister Hancock

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