Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey! Fam!
This week has been definitely interesting. Sister Batacan and I have a hard time understanding one another, and for us to combine investigators and schedules it has definitely been trying. I am learning so much about myself, and this past week has taught me how to have patience and continuous love, even through a stressful situation. I love learning more about another person, and how I can perfect myself on making them more happy. Its sometimes so hard, especially because Sister Batacan really doesn't want to be here in Daet, and her weaknesses hurt me sometimes, but thats the great lesson being learned. Its not about me, its about her. I am determined to make her love these next 6 weeks, no matter how hard, misunderstanding and personally trying it is.
So I had a strange experience the other night. Sister Batacan and I were fast asleep, when we were suddenly woken up in the middle of the night by one of our Investigating Families. Brother was yelling "Tao po" through our bedroom window, so we quickly ran out to see what the problem was. Sister Batacan told me that they wanted me to wipe my saliva on their childs stomach. I was so tired and delirious, so I did what they asked. It wasn't until we were back in bed when I realized what I had just done. I turned to my companion and asked Why in the world did I just spit on some kids belly, and all I could understand was that it was some superstition they have called Balis. Something that has to do with an upset stomach happening after we left their home earlier that day. Im still confused about it, or even how the family found our house, but it keeps me laughing everytime I think about it. Ha. There is definitely joy in the journey.
Sooooo rainy season has hit the Philippines. and I found out I have an American Umbrella. The Philippinos have Umbellas twice as big as mine, and for good reason. The rain drops are like gumballs dropping a 100mph here. The streets flood fast. We've been walking to our investigators homes, in a street river up to my knees. Sister Batacan says she feels dirty walking in it, although its really entertaining for me. But maybe I would feel dirty too though if I knew what was actually in the murky water. We had a typhoon the other day, it was pretty intense. There was a black out for almost two days, and we had to stop working because it was too dangerous one night. It was near the end of our week, and we didn't have much food left, and they closed down the market, and the only store that was open was the bakery. We bought some bread and Icecream (american food!) and thats what we ate for 2 days. Except the Icecream melted because of the no electricity. Black outs are normal here though. Usually everyday the power goes off for some time, but those are just called brown outs. The Blackout was fun for me. I liked getting out the flashlights, eating and talking in the dark. Its like a new experience, a change of pace. Well, I didn't like the change of pace in not working for a night, I felt so ineffective. It was good for me to realize that though, so I can remember feeling like "I wish I could go work" so whenever I feel like I don't want to work I can remind myself that I like to work.

Oh yea speaking of Brownouts, we had a Baptism last week!!! My first one!!! I was so ecstatic. I think I was more excited than Ian, our investigator. During the service, the power went out, but the show went on. It was good that I brought my flashlight, because that was the only source of light available. I pointed my light into the faunt, and we watched him get baptized in the dark. I was excited I couldn't sit still. Ian is 21, and he wants to go on a mission. His faith is so strong. We've been teaching him in secret other than his home, because his parents are against his decision. He knows its true though, so even without his families approval, he did what he knew he needed to.


Mahal ko kayo! Ingat!

Pwede nyo pong sabihin kay Kylee, siguro kuhuhahin niya ang letter pamamagitan mail sa 4 mga araw!!!!
(umaasa ako, kasi nagsabi si postlady!)

Sis Hancock

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