Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dad have you read Jesus The Christ? Its all about Christs life, and pretty much walks you through the new testament, but with added information. I've been addicted to the book, its a great read that keeps you entertained and wanting to read on and on. I know that's right down your alley.

Anyway, this have been an eventful week. I know I told you last week that there was no transfer, but last Friday we got pulled out of our area. It came down to our decision to go through with it, but our area has become unsafe for Sister Missionaries. Elder have now come in. I had a great 6 weeks in Camaligan, and we left the Elders lined up with 3 Baptisms. We were moved to Naga. The place is a ward, and they are thrilled to have full-time missionaries again. We replaced the office elders area, so the area has barely been touched. We are pretty much opening the area. I'm pretty excited for tracting. I loooove it. Probably because when Sister Rifareal and I were together in Daet and we reopened a second area in Daet, we had some incredible experiences finding people to teach. Speaking about Sister Rifareal, she's training this transfer, and stayed with us last tuesday night. Our area is the central area for sisters, so if anything goes down with the sisters, they come and stay in our apartment. I never really knew how sensitive I was, until I served a mission. I pretty much cried all Tuesday night talking to Sister Rifareal. The miracles we saw together always puncture my heart. She is like a BOM missionary. Honestly the 3 months we had together, was incredible. I'm grateful for her faithfulness and friendship. several evenings due to transfers, this past week, we had sisters rotating in and out. Plus a little over a week, Sister Navarro was our temporary companion. Its amazing hearing peoples life stories, and learning from others.

I'll have to keep this email short, I just got distracted by a man, who came up and talked to me for about 30 minutes. Some times people just need somebody to talk to, and the foreigner seem like the most interesting person to pick. So you'll have to blame the old man for lack of email today.

Love you all,

Sister Hancock

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