Monday, December 20, 2010

This week was great. I've been on a spiritual high. I had a neat experience about hearing the promptings of the spirit clearly. So I found out a couple days before Sunday that I would be one of the speakers this past Sunday. All Friday and Saturday, I gave deep thought about what I would speak about. I prayed earnestly to God to help me be able to know what to speak on. I didn't want to choose something that I was comfortable with, I wanted to know exactly what the members needed to hear. Even If I would help just one person. I just wanted to make a difference in someones life. I asked God to make it clear to me, what I needed to say, even if he had the message directed for just one. Well, when I woke up Sunday morning, The first thing that popped into my mind was virtue. At first I was a bit surprised, because this being Christmas Sunday, I knew everything would be based on Christs Life and Atonement. Although I could not stop thinking about Virtue. My mind was filled with thoughts about the Law of Chastity, and how we can live a pure life. I tried thinking about other topics that involved a Christmas theme, but everything else was just a blur. I asked my companion if anyone in our small branch had any problems with the Law of Chastity, and she said not that she knew of. Well that morning at church, we sang Christmas songs, the other speakers gave beautiful messages about the Atonement, and I prayed right before I went up to the pulpit to confirm my topic of Virtue. I felt so confident about the topic, and so impressed, that there wasn't anything else I could speak about. While speaking, I shared about how to become clean and full of Virtue, I recalled several scriptures about how to become more God like. I had the overwhelming thought to share the story of the Lesbian from my former area in Daet. I shared about when she heard the gospel, she trusted in Gods ways, and knew she was a child of God, and God knew her better than she knew her own self. And how she was able to change her actions, because she knew God wanted her to have a family of her own. ( I was actually surprised I was sharing the story, for I had completely forgotten until that morning) I then shared about the pattern of how thoughts lead to action, and how we need to school our thoughts. I shared about the love Christ has for people who are suffering from serious addictions, like sexual sins. After I finished my talk, I had such I warm feeling in my heart. My companion turned to me and told me to look 3 rows over. She told me of a members sister was in town for the Christmas holiday. She was an inactive member, who turned away from the Church and became a lesbian. This was the first time shes gone to church in a long time. My companion said my talk was inspired, as if it was God speaking to that sister. I may never know what will happen to that Sister, or if she will change her ways, but I do know for a fact that God answered my prayers, and gave me the opportunity to try and reach out to at least one of his children. There are opportunities to help our brothers and sisters everywhere. Sometimes we just gotta ask God where they are and how we can help. Christmas is all about helping people, and showing Christs love for others. I hope we all can include God in this Holiday season, and open our eyes on how we can be Gods hands and mouth this Christmas. Even if its just for one person... Don't be shy family, you all are missionaries too. When we all were baptized we took Christs name upon us. Meaning that we are his representatives. Look for opportunities to make differences. I testify they are everywhere.

Love you,

Merry Christmas!

-Sister Hancock

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